OVID’S KIND – Liberating Artistry


“A faithful study of the liberal arts…humanises character and permits it not to be cruel.”


                                                                            poet and exile



With freedom of expression





OVID’S KIND, is the second of the categories of, The Liberal Arts Cause. It represents Artistry. It is for freedom of expression. It seeks to utilise creativity, to enrich our society. It is here in this section especially, that it can be a way of combining the poetical, with the political.


It shall feature original pieces, as well as sharing and celebrating the work of others.  It follows in the footsteps of Ovid, who was an exile for offending the Roman emperor, in not being afraid to choose to be open, and not pull any punches. Yet more than anything, here, it’s  intention is to enhance and enthuse, not divide and demoralise, and  we should be  mindful of the great poet’s advice, “not to be cruel.”

You can access the category by going to the side-bar heading, Categories, and clicking, OVID’S KIND.