MILL’S TURN – Cultivating Liberty


“Scope for all sorts of mental culture…room for improving the art of living.”

                                                                John Stuart Mill

                                                                     philosopher and politician



With freedom of thought






MILL’S TURN, is the first of the categories of, The Liberal Arts Cause. It represents Liberty. It is for freedom of thought. It encourages a range of ideas and the presenting of them, going beyond the theoretical, to the practical, and the consideration of  proposals as policies. 

It seeks to promote interest in ideas, in the tradition of the work of John Stuart Mill and issues he understood, in the spirit of enquiry he believed in and advocated, as a philosopher and Liberal politician. As a person, even more than as a philosopher and later, a politician, it was the arts, and particularly poetry, that influenced him and inspired him, and  during a dark period, when he was troubled, more than most things , emotionally satisfied him and lifted his spirits. This section, or category, shall, from an individual and cultural perspective, explore the things that really matter to us. In depth and off the cuff, analysis or satire, here is a chance to speak our minds, in this section of the site. It shall do so, for our times, especially with, quality of life issues, developing, as the great philosopher, Mill, wanted, “the art of living”.

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