As a creative and professional communicator, Lorenzo Cherin has a wide experience of various contexts implementing and expressing these qualities. These range from acting and directing, through writing and cartooning, to lecturing and motivating. He attended and obtained his degree at, the University of London, studying philosophy, history and politics there, at Heythrop College, Queen Mary College and LSE. His work has taken him from the theatrical stage, including the National Theatre Studio, the Wimbledon Theatre, the Dukes Theatre Lancaster, and the Grand Theatre, to the political stage. In particular, combining the arts with a  concern for society and an interest in politics, which has been called “the art of the possible”, has been a strong thread.

Working as a young actor, writer and animator, at the Museum of the Moving Image and the British Film Institute, he did so with Lord Attenborough, who greatly influenced him. Securing the Patronage of Lord Jenkins of Putney, the former Arts Minister, when founding Theatre Panache, a new theatre company, was a significant interaction. 

From being elected as a Student Union President, while at London University, or raising funds with performances for charities, like the Royal Hospital and Home, and UNICEF, to campaigning as a local council candidate, in party politics, supporting causes is important. 

He has utilised his drama skills and role play techniques, to help people with confidence building and with  assertiveness training, and for the unemployed or vulnerable, as seminar leader and individual consultant, he has delivered, under contract to private companies and the public sector.

Lorenzo Cherin has played a part in several organisations. He first joined Equity, the actors and performers union, a  number of years ago, and is a member of English Pen, part of Pen International, the writers human rights organisation.

He is a member of and activist for, the Liberal Democrat Party in the UK, a member party of Liberal International, and of various groups associated with them, such as Liberal Democrats Creative Network, Liberal Democrats In Business, Liberal Democrats Campaign For Racial Equality, Liberal Democrats For Peace In The Middle East. He is also a member of More United, which was set up, after the loss of Jo Cox mp and with the input of Lord Ashdown, to remember her and promote cross-party cooperation.

He is particularly interested in working towards the eradication of all forms of bigotry. He is a member of the Harriet Beecher Stowe Society, and is developing a musical work he has written, a re-working based on the original and radical book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, advancing anti-slavery, defeating stereotypes. He is also active as a member and writer, at the Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum, involved with Igor Ustinov, the artist, son of the late Sir Peter Ustinov, and the founder of the project, to advance the innovative work and ongoing legacy, in this field, of  Sir Peter, in conjunction with the Ustinov Network, Foundation, College and Institute. It is poignant, because meeting with Sir Peter Ustinov, his career and work, in cultural, social, political  areas, inspired him at an earlier age, and years later, inspires him here, with the creation of, the Liberal Arts Cause. 

He also regularly contributes to the Matters of Principle, initiative, a very worthwhile venture online, started and hosted by the former US Senator Gary Hart, who has said “Mr. Cherin is a loyal and constructive participant in our deliberations and characteristically too generous to the host!”